Residential Real Estate

Investment Strategy

Residential real estate, including student housing, represents a sound investment category: housing provides for a basic human need and the long-term investment outlook is positive since demand (growth in the number of households) exceeds future supply.

We have a dedicated pan-European team with many years of experience and access to a strong and concentrated intelligence network across Europe. We achieve outperformance for our clients by developing and using strategic top-down market intelligence, by pursuing research-driven investment strategies (top-down and bottom-up), and by applying the micro skills that are needed for success in the EU’s highly fragmented and strongly regulated residential investment markets. Our strategy for the institutional funds we offer is based on the following key tenets:

  • We invest in pan-European residential portfolios to lower the risk profile: even with limited diversification, a pan-European fund yields better results than single-country investment due to low correlations of residential regional markets.
  • We invest in regions with strong and varied concentrations of knowledge-intensive industries and above-average economic performance. Such general characteristics have proven favourable for the return on investment in housing in recent years, and we believe this will continue to be the case.

Purchase Criteria
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