Parking investment criteria

  • Product: public car parks (underground, multi-storey, parking lots or a
    combination). Individual car parks or portfolios.
  • Target countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, BeNeLux, Ireland, UK,
    Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal
    Target cities: larger cities in metropolitan areas (preferably 100k+
  • Locations: situated in high traffic areas with a multitude of anchors (retail,
    office, residential, leisure, etc.) such as in downtown locations. Or next to
    hospitals, airports and train stations. Paid parking must be applicable.
  • Investment volume: minimum of €5 million in Germany, approximately €10
    million in other countries.
  • Building type: existing buildings and turn-key developments. Forward funding
    is possible. Building hasto be suitable for a professional parking operation.
  • Title: freehold, leasehold and concessions (must be a right in rem).
  • Lease: preferably an existing leasing agreement with a professional operator
    with a remaining lease term of approximately 5-10 years. However if there is
    no lease in place we can also take a view on the operational income.