Primevest car park investment criteria

Open for new car park investments

We are in the acquisition phase of our fourth institutional parking fund and have outstanding equity to invest. Want to know what kind of car parks we are looking for? Below you can download our acquisition criteria. In summary we look for:

  • Multi-storey or underground car parks
  • Situated in areas with paid parking
  • Located in multi-functional areas or next to hospitals
  • Preferably leased to a car park operator
  • Minimum investment volume above € 5 million

Links to investment criteria in other languages:
Car park investment criteria (English)
Ankaufskriterien Parkhäusern (Deutsch)
Citerios de inversion aparcamientos (Español)
Criteri investimenti in parcheggi (Italiano)
Critères d’investissement parkings (Français)
Car Park investment criteria (Dutch)