Communication Infrastructure

Investment Strategy

Primevest Capital Partners Communication Infrastructure invests long-term in European communication infrastructure, focusing on communication towers, fixed infrastructure, data centres and related infrastructure assets which help meet the growing demand for fixed and mobile broadband, now a basic necessity in society. For our investors, we buy and build a stable asset portfolio with a low risk/return profile. Our investments in communication infrastructure generate attractive returns for institutional investors, comprising direct yields from regular rental payments, year-on-year inflation (CPI) adjustment of rent and capital gains achieved by enhancing assets.

Our unique approach consists of long-term investments in infrastructure open to multiple service providers, thus offering greater choice to end users. At the same time, we limit technology exposure for our investors by not investing in these service providers themselves. We aim for stable long-term cash flows by consolidating existing assets and enhancing them through add-on investments in state-of-the-art infrastructure. We invest in:

  • Existing fixed infrastructure, expanding its capacity (with fibre optics) and opening it up to achieve higher utilisation rates and decrease counterparty risks.
  • Mobile communication and broadcasting towers from operators and lease these back to them, increasing utilisation rates through site sharing.
  • Communication nodes (data centres), with an emphasis on the shared infrastructure needed to keep them operational and we enter into strategic partnerships with technology partners and select robust tenants providing the prospect of long-term stable value investments.

Purchase Criteria

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