• Primevest Capital Partners introduces “Smart City Nederland” initiative for Dutch municipalities.
  • Municipalities are receiving support in their sustainability measures and transition to smarter public lighting.
  • BNG Bank is financing these sustainability projects.
  • Municipalities enjoy long-term benefits of the various applications of smart lampposts.

BNG Bank is financing the Smart City initiative of Primevest Capital Partners which supports municipalities in the transition to sustainable and smarter public lighting. The transition to sustainable and smarter lighting is important to achieve the necessary reduction in energy consumption to reach the climate goals (faster). The Smart City Nederland initiative invests in the lampposts, after which the municipality will use public street lighting as a service of Smart City Nederland. How-ever, the lampposts will remain the property of the municipality. This will enable the municipality to make the transition to sustainable and smarter lighting in a much shorter term but spread the associated replacement costs over a longer period. Fur-thermore, in the future lampposts can be used for different purposes, such as imple-menting sensors to measure air quality, regulating traffic flows in the framework of the Environment Act, etc. However, it will soon also be possible to use lampposts for mobile Internet applications (Wi-Fi and 5G), as a charging point for electric cars, as camera surveillance for public order and for security and other “Smart City” applications.

“With Smart City Nederland, Primevest Capital Partners and its partners are supporting municipalities with an integral approach to the transition to sustainable and smarter lighting on the one hand whilst preparing for the implementation of Smart City applications on the other hand,” says Heimen Visser, fund manager of the Smart City Nederland initiative. “In addition, municipalities will also benefit from the added revenue that will be generated by the smarter use of the lamppost. With Smart City Nederland, we are creating a platform which makes it possible to transform public lighting from a cost item to a revenue model for the municipalities, letting them retain control of what happens in their public outdoor space,” Heimen Visser continues.

The Municipality of Renkum is the first municipality to choose to use the Smart City Nederland initiative. Over the coming 2.5 years, around 6,000 lampposts will be replaced in Renkum by sustainable and smarter public lighting in partnership with consortium partners CityTec and Luminext. This will mean that in 2022 the municipality of Renkum will already have met the climate goals as set for 2030 with energy savings of over 60%. “In recent years, we have been trying to get support for tendering for new public lighting. We are desperately in need of renewal: our area is really out-dated and some of our lampposts are about to collapse. So we can’t wait until the first lamps are replaced and new lampposts are installed. We look forward to a great new partnership in a unique tender form!” says Kevin Groen, project manager in the municipality of Renkum.

Smart City is a scalable solution which Primevest is currently discussing with many

BNG Bank is financing Smart City Nederland. “As a partner for municipalities to achieve a more sustainable Netherlands, the Smart City Nederland initiative very much reflects our ambition to be an engaged partner for a more sustainable Netherlands. We enable the public sector to achieve social goals like the energy transition,” says Judith de Bleyser, Public Finance specialist at BNG Bank.

For more information about our Smart City Initiative, please visit: www.smartcitynederland.com
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