Connecting to real assets

We invest in ‘real assets’ because we believe these are fundamental to fulfilling society’s basic needs: living, mobility, communication, shopping, and food.

  • Although consumer behaviour can change rapidly over time, the underlying real asset infrastructure like homes, car parks, fixed and mobile communication infrastructure networks needed to fulfil these basic needs have a long economic life.
  • This makes investments in ‘real assets’ a stable investment backed by long-term basic needs from a broad user base and provides investors with a stable income return.
  • Moreover, real assets are no longer ‘stand-alone’ investments, but are increasingly an inevitable part of a connected world: SMART Homes, SMART Parking, SMART Cities – all are connected by a digital communication infrastructure;
  • To capture the long-term value we focus how assets are positioned in an increasingly connecting world. We only invest in real assets that are or have the opportunity to become part of that connected world.